Why you Should Support Local Businesses

Why you Should Support Local Businesses

We at the Local Deli strive to be the best source of sustainable, delicious food for our community that we can be. We pride ourselves on using fresh, local ingredients and keeping the profit we generate in our own community. We know that as a local business, we won’t be as economically successful as if we simply opened up another branch of a billion dollar corporate sandwich company, but we’ve never wanted that. contact

On a drive through Montana toward North Idaho, I remember coming to a stop in the town of Deer Lodge Montana. As a long-distance driver, I was already scanning the horizon for a recognizable golden arches, or red-haired Wendy’s, or some other cheap fast food to keep moving. My friends with me got on Yelp, and found a local place- a hole in the wall sandwich place called “Yak-Yak’s” that we eventually stopped at.

Instead of a quick fix, we got a slow, delicious meal, inside this curious little shack filled with some of the nicest locals I ended up meeting on the trip. All because one of us wanted to try something new. Unfortunately for most business owners living near interstate rest stops, most people stop at places they already know.


Here’s A Little History:

We are living in the second gilded age. The first, beginning in the 1880’s in the United States, began a period of unbelievable wealth generated by corporations that enveloped larger and larger swaths of the American public as consumers. For the first time on earth, CEO’s were becoming millionaires and names like Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt turned from little known industrialists to powerful economic and political voices.


140 years have passed since then, and now companies with similar market control and wealth are creating billionaires across the globe, buying out what they can and price gouging companies they can’t.


Pundits and media people love to argue back and forth about the statistics and implications of the economic situation growing in America and throughout the world, but some of us have to live and work under the threat of these mega-companies every day.

We at the Local Deli try our very best to create delicious, healthy, locally sourced meals that will keep our community fed in a way that matches their values. We go out of our way to support small farms, other local businesses, and community projects that benefit everyone in our neck of the woods.

Our message is this: Every time you shop local, or take slow food over fast food, or get art straight from a creative neighbor, you keep that American idea alive: that we all have something to offer to our community. We have a chance to grow and give back in a way that the big box stores of the world never will.

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