Argument Of The Day: What makes a Sandwich?

Argument Of The Day: What makes a Sandwich?

Today, we dive into an intense national debate you may not have known was even taking place: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Okay, so this isn’t the most important subject on earth. And the answer seems obvious, until you take a close look at the debate itself.

The two questions are whether the structure or the ingredients determine whether your culinary creation is in fact a sandwich. Obviously two pieces of bread, with bacon, lettuce, and tomato inSandwich between qualifies. But how about on a hoagie roll? A hoagie or sub is on a single piece of bread, not two slices. Many people would still call a hoagie or a one-piece flatbread a sandwich.

What if the inner ingredients changed? A meatball sub is still a sandwich to people, and grilled and cut chicken is often served between bread as well. Both of these are at odds with traditional flat-sliced meat styles. Hotdogs, of course, are bound by single bread pieces and subject to savory meats and condiments. The hotdog, according to most, should be a sandwich, then!

So What Else Is A Sandwich?


Does that seem ridiculous? It gets better. If any flat carb-loaded food will work for the sides of the sandwich, then bagels, flatbreads, waffles, donuts, pastries, pancakes, tortillas, and taco shells are all suitable “breads”. More extreme ingredients can occur between bread, like ice cream or cucumbers, so what keeps any possible food from being sandwich-ized? Maybe the possibilities are endless. This opens up so much creativity.


Eating a soft taco? Biting into a Klondike Bar? Toasting a pair of pop-tarts before work? Sandwiches.sandwich


You may find this incredible, and be assured we don’t sell burritos (though we do have wraps!) at The Local Deli. The exercise illuminates just how arbitrary some of our ideas are, and makes for a fun conversation the next time you’re munching our delicious sandwiches.

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