Layering the Perfect Sandwich

Layering the Perfect Sandwich

The humble sandwich: a simple and delicious part of meals across the world. The basics – bread, meat, cheese, veggies, and condiments, have been eaten in millions of combinations for hundreds of years. Still, there are enough people making sandwiches the wrong way to prompt us to educate the public on this staple food.


How can you mess it up, you ask? It’s simple. Many people don’t know that there are guidelines that can elevate a quick snack into a real meal.


Bite Size Sandwich Tips

The first thing to remember is density. The more dense the ingredient, the lower on the sandwich it goes. Hence, the traditional ordering: Bread, meat, cheese, veggies, condiments, bread. A denser sandwich with a  lower center of gravity is easier to hold, less messy, and in general keeps your flavors in the right place.Sandwich


Keep an eye on texture. Too much of a good thing can really send your lunch in a negative direction. Take the BLT, for example. The power is in the simplicity – crisp bacon and lettuce contrasts well with soft tomatoes, especially on a thin bread base. Overly fluffy bread and an overdose of veggies and extra toppings would just get in the way of a better eating experience. The Italian with pepperoni, other cured meats, lots of cheese, and little sauce is made much better by its consistency and thickness.


Balance the flavors. It can be easy to go all out in one direction and miss out on a much more whole sandwich. Let’s say you make a grilled chicken sandwich. Your chicken has a healthy dose of cumin and pepper, leaving it savory and mildly zesty. Balance that savor with some sweet, whether with sweet onions, pineapple, or cherry tomatoes. You’ll be surprised how good it tastes!


Keep the ingredients at the right dryness. It can be easy to make a sandwich for lunch and have soggy bread from lettuce and condiments by the time you eat it. Adding some butter to the bread to keep it from going soggy, or another layer of cheese, is a great way to make a vastly better sandwich. If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Come on in for the sandwich of your life.


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